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Hudson Music Releases Tito Puente Book with Audio cd

Tito Puente Jim Payne


Co-written by internationally-renowned Latin percussionist Tito Puente and drummer/author Jim Payne, Hudson Music’s recent release, Tito Puente’s "Drumming With The Mambo King" book and audio CD, provides a step-by-step tutorial for timbales and the application of Latin rhythms to the drumset, a history of Latin music and a comprehensive autobiography of the legendary timbalero’s 50-year career. The 192-page book is destined to become a definitive resource for all types of Latin drumming— featuring an extensive variety of in-depth, fully researched material, including:

A history of Afro-Cuban music.

A retrospective and discography of Tito Puente’s incredible career.

Lessons covering the application of Latin rhythms and patterns to timbales and the drumset.

Transcriptions and hand-written drum charts for many of Tito’s most famous solos and band arrangements.

A 75-minute CD that includes playing examples of the book’s instructional material as well as 12 original band recordings spanning Tito’s 50-year career as the King Of Latin Music.

A glossary of percussion terms.

The book/CD package carries a suggested retail price of $35.00 and has been carefully edited to authentically represent Tito Puente’s significant contributions to the art of drumming. According to Hudson Music publishers Rob Wallis and Paul Siegel, "We had been working with the maestro for almost two years in preparing the manuscript and CD and in the final days of the book’s completion, the sad news came that Tito Puente had passed away. However, the content of the book is presented exactly as Tito saw it. Nothing has been changed."

Hudson Music products are available from your local music retailer or Hudson Music at 1-888-796-2992, fax 914-246-5282 or e-mail hudsoninfo@aol.com Visit Hudson online at www.hudsonmusic.com For dealer information please contact Hal Leonard Publications, 7777 W. Bluemound Rd., Milwaukee, WI 53213, tel: 414-774-3630, fax: 414-774-3259, www.halleonard.com. In Europe, contact Hudson Music (UK), Tel/Fax +44{0}1474 708065, email hudsoneuro@aol.com

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