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Double Metal Kick Pads Now Available From Danmar

Danmar Metal Kick Pads


Designed by Vito DeVito and based on the innovative design of the popular Power Disc and Metal Kick bass drum pads, Danmar Percussion Product’s new Metal Double Kick Pad has recently been introduced. The pad was developed for use with all major brands of double bass drum pedals; combining a high-grade aluminum alloy playing surface with a thin, self-adhesive rubber backing to provide maximum durability and head protection while creating a distinctive bass drum sound with greater articulation and power.

Available at leading drum shops and music stores, Danmar's Metal Double Kick Pad (model #210MKD) is one of over 100 percussion-related products and accessories that Danmar manufactures. The bass drum pad is used by leading heavy metal and hard rock drummers and has a suggested retail price of $12.00. For additional information contact Danmar at 17955 Sky Park Circle, Suite H, Irvine, CA 92614, tel: 949-756-8481, fax: 949-756-9214, e-mail: danmarpercussion@earthlink.net Dealer inquiries are invited.

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