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Kevin from Scottsdale, Arizona, aka. Sircyko, drummer for St. Madness. I have many configurations for my kit, but here is the partial gear list. This is basically drums, cymbals, and the hardware to put it all together. You will notice several items repeated, mostly for the sake of having a back-up, used for recording only, or maybe just upgraded and never got rid of the old one. What's not listed here is all the drum & hardware cases (I can case everything!), drum mic's, mic stands and hardware, drum mixer, DDrum triggers, drum module (Alesis D4, it's awesome), cords, Tama rhythm watch – I recommend highly (but it can be any metronome type tool), and an entire SKB trap case full of spare parts & tools. I hope this gives a clue as to what it takes to play in a professional band, keep in mind we are a true "heavy metal" type band where everything has to be "1" louder. New Pearl kit should be here soon – pictures to follow.


Pearl Export – Chrome wrap
10x10" tom
12x10" tom
13x12" tom (2)
16x16" floor tom
18x16" floor tom
22x18" bass drums (2)
14x6.5" steel snare
Pork Pie
14x5.5" "Pig Lite" - 10 lugs, clear acrylic shell snare w/ black hardware
14x10" black wrap, 10 lug snare drum
8" & 10" Roto-Toms

Drum Heads; 10, 12, 13 & 16" Pearl
Evans black hydraulic batter & Remo ebony ambassador resonant

18" Pearl
Remo ebony pinstripe batter & Remo clear resonant

22" Bass drums, Pearl
Remo "Powersonic" batter & Evans EQ3 black ported resonant

8 & 10" Roto-Toms
Remo ebony pinstripe batter

Pearl Snare
Evans "Genera" dry batter & Evans Hazy 300 resonant

Pork Pie Snare
Evans "Genera" dry batter & Pork Pie resonant

Ludwig Snare
Evans "EC snare" batter & Evans Hazy 300 resonant


10" XS20 splash
12" AAX O-Zone splash
14" AAX Dark crash
16" AA Metal-X crash
16" AAX Studio crash
16" AAXplosion crash (2)
18" AA Metal-X crash
18" AA Metal-X china (2)
18" HH Sound Control crash / ride
19" AA Metal-X crash
20" AAX stage ride

6" Zil-bel
17" Z Custom medium crash
18" Z Custom china
21" Z Custom Mega-Bell ride
20" China low boy

Sabian High Hats
13" XS20 set
14" XS20 set
14" B8 set

Zildjian High Hats
14" Z Custom Dyno-Beat set

1 – Meinl "Realplayer" steel cowbell, 8" big mouth


1 – Pearl ICON #DR-503C, 3 sided curved drum rack
2 – Pearl ICON #DR-501E, rack side extensions
1 – Pearl ICON #RJ50, expansion bar
2 – Pearl PCL100 riser stand mounts
3 – Pearl PCX200 adjustable rack clamps
8 – Pearl PCX100 straight rack clamps
2 – Pearl CH2000 cymbal boom stands
6 – Various boom cymbal stands – downtube & boom only – no base
2 – PDP boom cymbal stands – no bases
2 – Tama straight cymbal stands
6 – Aquarian cymbal springs – 2 red & 4 yellow
1 – Gibraltar 7" cymbal stacker
1 – PDP high hat stand – 2 leg type for dbl. bass
1 – Yamaha high hat stand
1 – Gibraltar X-hat stand
1 – Pearl drop clutch
1 – Pearl snare stand
1 – Mapex snare stand
2 – Pearl ISS tom mounts
1 – Pearl high hat to bass drum mount
6 - Pearl tom arms
1 – Remo roto-tom stand & trackbar
2 – Gibraltar clamp on cymbal stands
1 – Gibralter "L" clamp on cowbell stand
2 – Pearl "dogbone" clamps
1 – Pearl percussion table – clamp on style
1 – PDP throne – moto style
1 – Roc-N-Soc Nitro throne
1 – Pearl P-1000 double pedal
1 – DW 5002-AD3 double pedal

1 – Pewter Nordic Skull – just for fun!

Hope to see you on tour!

Keep on drummin' – Metal Rules All!

DrumsOnTheWeb.com - Download your favorite music for drummers and percussionists!

DrumsOnTheWeb.com - Download your favorite music for drummers and percussionists!

DrumsOnTheWeb.com - Download your favorite music for drummers and percussionists!

DrumsOnTheWeb.com - Download your favorite music for drummers and percussionists!

Note... These photos were sent in by viewers. If you notice one that shouldn't be here (for copyright or other reasons), please email and let us know!