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Names Matt and I'm from Oconomowoc WI. Here is my kit. It's a Mapex (obviously), Pro M series, 4 ply maple. It really is a 5pc but I don't use the 2nd tom. All the cymbals are Zildjian. I use 20" ZBT ride, 18" A medium thin crash, 17" K Custom china, 10" A splash, 16" ZBT crash, and a 14" pair of K/Z hi hats. My hardware is varied from Mapex to Yamaha to Gibralter to LP to Pearl to Pork Pie. I have a double kick Eliminator pedal made by Pearl, hi hat is Mapex, ZBT cymbals are with Mapex stands, everything is with Yamaha stands, the splash is on an LP clamp. I have a Big Boy throne from Pork Pie with silver sparkle around the outside and lepard print on the seat. Aquarian Bass head, everything else is Remo. I plan on selling the ZBT's and my hi hat to get A cymbals and a new Quick Beat hi hat. Oh and I have a Gibralter cup holder on my tom stand thingy coming out of the bass drum and a bobbing head doll Dalmation dog on the top of the bass drum. I also use a Pro Mark stick holder that is clamped on to the bottom part of my hi hat stand. Hope ya like it.

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