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Gallery 201


My drums are:

DW 14x5 Collectors' snare drum
sonor force 3005 10x8 tom
basix concept 14x12 tom (as soon as I'll get enough money - I will buy
basix concept 20x16 bass drum
The bass drum and the tom from sonor force

Remo emperor Drumheads with Remo muffle's 3005 series)
Tama Roadpro Hardware
Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide double pedal
Dw 5002 Hi hat pedal
Dw Snare Stand

Paiste Innovations 14" Medium Hi Hat
Paiste Innovations 20" Medium Ride
Paiste Innovations 14" Thin Crash
Paiste 802 Splash
Paiste 502 China

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