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Gallery 14

Hey there,

I like your site and I'd like to include my photo's on the site too ;) I also have my own website;


... greetings
Koen (from the Netherlands)

DrumsOnTheWeb.com - Download your favorite music for drummers and percussionists!

I change my setup almost every time I play, but this is the setup I'm planning to keep for a while :)

1- 12'' x 7'' Osan wooden snare drum
2- 8'' x 8'' Pearl ELX tom
3- 10'' x 10'' Pearl ELX tom
4- 12'' x 10'' Pearl ELX tom
5- 14'' x 12'' Pearl ELX tom
6- 10'' x 2'' Sonor Jungle Snaredrum
7- 22'' x 16'' Pearl ELX Bassdrum (with Pearl twin pedal)

A- 8'' Zildjian A custom splash
B- 6'' Paiste Accent (above a LP tambourine)
C- 13'' Zildjian K/Z Dyno beat Hi-hats
D- 16'' Zildjian A medium thin suspended crash
E- 10'' Zildjian A splash
F- 20'' Zildjian A ride
G- 16'' Zildjian K medium thin dark crash
H- 14'' Wuhan stacked to 17'' Sabian AAX crash
I- 18'' Wuhan China

Other stuff I sometimes use in my setup:

- LP Ridge Rider Cowbell
- LP granite/jamblocks (5)
- 12'' Wuhan china
- 18'' Paiste Brass tones china
- 4'' Paise Accent cymbal
- 6'' 8'' 10'' Rototoms
- 14'' Pearl EX snaredrum

- Hardware: All this is mounted on a gibraltar drumrack and I finally bought a good drumthrone (Tama 1st chair).

- Sticks : usually pro-mark Naturals 5a with Nylon tip. But since they are so damn expensive, I play with any brand which is cheaper, I'm currently even testing 'Vanwoods' : B-choice sticks :| from Vic Firth I think.

- Heads: Remo Ambassador clear on bottom of toms and Ambassador coated on top of toms and snaredrum, except for the 14'', which has a coated powerstroke on it. The kick has a Powerstroke 3 combination.

-Electronics: When I'm at home, I'm forced to practise on a electric drumkit: Yamaha DTX, and I also have a Roland SPD6. I'll probably gonna use both in combination with a sampler :)

DrumsOnTheWeb.com - Download your favorite music for drummers and percussionists!

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