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Gallery 132

Hey, my name is Jeff Belcher, and I am from Canton, MI. This is a computer generated picture of my current setup. I will be taking pictures once I get a chance to clean the set and set it back up (a few days) as my band Escaping Silence has been playing some shows lately and we now have a break. I use the Zildjian ZBT cymbals even though everyone says they sound bad, I love them, they are bright and extremely durable for what they cost. My email is jeff@escapingsilence.com, and our website is www.escapingsilence.com. Thanks!!!

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A - Zildjian ZBT 14" High Hats (2)
B - Sabian B8 16" Crash
C - Zildjian ZBT 20" Hard Ride
D - Paiste 15" Crash
E - Zildjian ZBT 16" China
3 - Zildjian 6" and 8" Splash's
4 - Not Pictured- 22" Paiste Hammered Dead Ride


F - 14" Pork Pie Special Transparent Hybrid
G - 10" Pearl Export Rack Tom*
H - 12" Pearl Export Rack Tom*
I - 14" Pearl Export Rack Mount Floor Tom*
J - 22"x18" Pearl Export Bass Drum*
*With Maple inlays and faux fur fabric covers

Auxiliary Percussion

K - 6" and 8"  Latin Percussion Congas
L - 4" and 6" Remo Roto Toms
1 - Latin Percussion Jam Blocks (1 blue square high pitch and 1 green low pitch half circle)
2 - Latin Percussion Salsa Cowbell
3 - Not Pictured- 4" and 6" Latin Percussion Bongos
4 - Not Pictured- 16" Latin Percussion Djimbe
5 - Not Pictured- Latin Percussion Half Moon Tambourine


1 - Gibraltar 3 bar curve rack
2 - Gibraltar boom arms (6)
3 - Tama Iron Cobra double bass pedal w/felt beaters
4 - Pearl high hat stand
5 - Assorted Gibraltar boom and straight stands
6 - Pacific snare drum stand
7 - Pacific 3-way adjustable throne
8 - No-Slip pedal covers (3)
9 - Rhythm Tech Memo Key Drum Key
10 - 1 Velcro handed pink lucky monkey talking stuffed animal


1 - Remo Ebony Black Ambassador top heads
2 - Aquarian Studio V bottom heads
3 - Aquarian Superkick II bass head w/Double Kickpad (backside)
4 - In Between- One Down feather bed pillow pressed against front and rear bass drum head
5 - Aquarian Superkick II bass head (single-ported) (frontside)
6 - Remo Mo-Fo Percussion heads (for roto, congas, and djimbe)


M - 10" Roland Rubber Triggers* (5) w/20' Monster Cables
N - Nady 7 piece Drum Mic Kit (4 Tom/Snare/Aux Atmosphere Mics, 1 180 degree Bass Drum Mic, and 2 Phantom power Atmosphere Mics) w/On-Stage stands and  20' Monster Cables
L - Not Pictured - Korg Micro-Synth w/Vocoder^ w/20' Monster Cable
*Controlled by an Alesis DM-5
^*With Boss Phrase Looper, Line 6 DL-4 Delay pedal in line, all controlled by a Behringer Eurorack UB2222FX-PRO 25 channel Mixer, and put through a Crate BT100 Bass Amp.


1 - Vic Firth 5A American Hickory Custom Grip sticks
2 - Pro-Mark Hot Rod jazz sticks
3 - Pro-Mark Wire brushes
4 - American Percussion Timpani/Orchestra mallets

Note... These photos were sent in by viewers. If you notice one that shouldn't be here (for copyright or other reasons), please email and let us know!