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These Burnt Orange Gretschs are my pride and joy. The 'exact' kit I've always wanted to own since I was a teenager down to the color. Believe it on not, I discovered it for sale on auction on Ebay a year ago, suddenly immersed myself in aquiring it. And after losing the final bid I immediately called both the winner and seller and made them an offer they could not refuse. Thank goodness for my day job. The sizes are 20" kick, 8", 10", 12" toms in jazz sizes, and a 16x16" floor which I can convert to a mini kick sometimes, and a matching 5x14" snare. All are RIMS mounted. This picture was taken at a wedding which I played in Tampa, FL.

-Rick, from Tampa FL.

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My Name is Bob North from Birdsboro PA. I play in a band called VOYAGER and this is my baby. It's a TAMA Starclassic kit in Gradation Raspberry finish w/ 2-24" kicks, 10-12 and 14" rack toms and a 16" floor. All hardware is by Gibraltar except the pedals and hi-hat. All cymbals are Paiste. Hope you enjoy the pics. If you are ever in Eastern PA and wanna see a good rockin' show look us up. We can be found at HTTP://geocities.com/voyager_rocks

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