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Spotlight On

Gibraltar 4-Post Mount

by Chuck Silverman

As part of my drumset set-up, I use a small mini-rack (Gibraltar Four Post mount) mounted from my left cymbal stand, using a Super Grabber clamp. On the rack I have several items: A Toca mini timbal (6") that I use like a Brasilian tamborim, a set of beautiful Englehart agogo bells, a clave bell from Toca, and either a woodblock or a mambo bell, hung below the rack, next to my first rack tom.This set up allows me to play samba and use the tamborim and agogo bells together for a very unique and typical sound. I can also use the block and bells for additonal funky sound sources for rock and funk grooves.If you would like ideas as to how to use these instruments to spice up your playing, please drop me a line at chuck@chucksilverman.com or visit my web pages at http://www.chucksilverman.com

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