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Spotlight On

Supreme Beats Percussion Library

by Bashiri Johnson

Bashiri Johnson percussion cd
Bashiri Johnson percussion cd
Bashiri Johnson percussion cd
Bashiri Johnson percussion cd

The 4 volume Supreme Beats Percussion Sample Library has set the standard for sampled percussion. Keyboard magazine hailed the product, and gave it a rare 5-Star review!

Bashiri Johnson

Supreme Beats is a 4 volume Percussion Sample Library with over 650 loops using over 100 instruments with the sounds included. Supreme Beats is a tool for writers, producers, jingle and post houses, and anyone wanting to sample live percussion and add it to their projects.

Supreme Beats extensively covers grooves and rhythms from all over the world. All told the four volume boxed set comprises more than four hours of music.

These grooves are more than just rhythm tracks, they are individual compositions written and recorded by Bashiri Johnson with other world renown players like Luis Conte, Kimati Dinizulu, Cyro Baptiste, Misha Masud, Hinton Battle and others. Supreme Beats is license free, and comes in Audio CD, Akai, Sample Cell, Kurzweil, Ensonic, Roland, and mostly all formats.