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Photo Gallery 21

Eddie Tudori

... I've been very busy doing a number of workshops with disabled people. I have mentally challenged kids from 5 years old to Alziemers patients, some nearly 100 years old! I have a class at Hillside House for cerebral palsy, Jodi House for traumatic brain injury and I'm still working with Rhythm Therapy at the Rehab where I recovered on a regular basis. There are many other places trying to add Rhythm Workshops to their programs. I'm doing seminars at LAMA where we are recruiting students to help facilitate these workshops for the many places I can't reach personally. I'm still playing drums but I use hand drums and percussion for the workshops ... The facilities I work at cannot afford to buy instruments, I'm trying to find people and companies who will help to support me in my efforts to supply everyone with percussion and especially hand drums. Any Idea's?...

Mitch Mitchell
Andy (Y-Spirit)

Mitch Mitchell
Mike & Piere - Jodi House

Jim Chapin
Shannon, Lisa Joy & Eddie

Jim Chapin
Shotaro (Y-Spirit)

Ian Wallace & Mitch Mitchell
Thanx Rhythm Tech!

Ian Wallace & Mitch Mitchell
Y-Spirit (The Train Dance)

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