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Photo Gallery 8

Hangin' with Walfredo Reyes, Sr

drummer Walfredo Reyes, Sr
On a recent road trip, I spent an afternoon with
drum legend Walfredo and his wife Debbie in Northern California...
Thanks ya'll... Had a Blast!

Remo drum in Walfredo Reyes home
How's this for a coffeetable? Complete with Remo fruit & veggie shakers!

Walfredo Reyes vintage drum kit
A beautiful sounding vintage kit...
You can play drums on almost every room in the house!

drummer Walfredo Reyes, Sr
Wally's vintage photos adorn the walls of the "rehearsal room"
This is from his early days, playing in Cuba...
check out the double bass set-up!

Walfredo Reyes hand drum kit
Another of Wally's many kits - a Remo Mondo "hand-drum" kit

Walfredo Reyes hand drum set

All Photos by Robert Abrams

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