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Photo Gallery 6a

NAMM 1999

Peter Erskine, Pam Gore
 My favorite teddie-bear... the amazing Peter Erskine!

get the download from Peter!

Jonathan Mover, Pam Gore
 Jonathan Mover!

get the download from Jonathan!

Ndugu Chancelor, Pam Gore
Ndugu Chancelor!
Strollin' by the Sabian cymbal booth

Sonny Emory, Charley Drayton, Pam Gore
 Pam, Sonny Emory, & Charley Drayton

Danny Carey, Luis Conte, Tim Alexander, Pam Gore
Danny Carey, Pam, Luis Conte,
John DeChristopher, & Tim Alexander

(Guess which one of us is actually "working"!)

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