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Photo Gallery 3a

Workin' Hard! Kip Hanraham's new album recording session
of LP Rumba Profunda

(This is gonna be a KICKIN' record!)

Andy Gonzales, Orlando Puntilla Rios & Abraham Rodriguez 
 Andy Gonzales, Orlando "Puntilla Rios"
& Abraham Rodriguez
 Orlando Puntilla Rios & Abraham Rodriguez
 Orlando "Puntilla Rios" & Abraham Rodriguez
Richie Flores 
 Richie Flores layin' it down
Milton Cardona 
 Milton Cardona
"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts..."
 Paoli Mejias
Paoli Mejias
Amadito Valdes & Jerry Gonzales 
 Amadito Valdes & Jerry Gonzales
 Orlando Puntilla Rios, Amadito Valdes, Kip Hanrahan
 Puntilla, Amadito, & Kip
(Robby Ameen's in the house... clue: big cigars!)
 Kip Hanrahan's recording is over!
It's over! El Negro, Puntilla, Amadito, Robby Ameen, Richie, Jerry, Paoli, Milton, & Kip!

check out Robby Ameen and El Negro in the Drummers Centerfold

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