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Photo Gallery 3

Workin' Hard!
Kip Hanraham's new album recording session
of LP Rumba Profunda

(This is gonna be a KICKIN' record!)

Jerry Gonzales 
 Percussion Legend Jerry Gonzales
Amadito Valdez 
 Amadito Valdes
 Milton Cardona
 Percussion Legend Milton Cardona
 Jerry Gonzales, Kip Hanraham, Milton Cardona
 Jerry Gonzales, Kip Hanraham, & Milton Cardona
 Paoli Mejias, Richie Flores, Milton Carsona, Kip Hanrahan
Paoli Mejias, Richie Flores, Milton Cardona, & Kip
El Negro Hernandez 
 I am havin' way too much fun with these guys!

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