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Layne Redmond

Composer and performer, Layne Redmond’s unique drumming is the culmination of 25 years of meditative studies from around the world. She currently appears with her own group, "Mob Of Angels".

Layne Redmond is an acclaimed drummer, composer, and author specializing in the small hand-held frame drum played primarily by women in the ancient Mediterranean world. These cultures knew the frame drum as one of the most sacred and oldest of ritual instruments. For the past decade, she has been intensively researching and piecing together the pre-Christian traditions of the frame drum in religious and healing rituals. Played predominantly by women with their bare hands, this powerful trance inducing instrument was used in the religious rites of may goddesses. She is currently writing a book about this ancient heritage of frame drumming to be published by Harmony Books.

Redmond began her studies on the frame drum with master drummer Glen Velez in 1980, and performed and recorded with him for eight straight years, playing a primary role in his first five recording projects. She has taught percussion workshops and performed at Penn State, William’s College, S.U.N.Y., Kutztown University, Bucknell College, Cedarcrest College, Hartford Seminary, The Arts at St. Ann in Brooklyn, Unitarian Universalist General Assembly, Sam Ash Music Institute, Berklee School of Music, Calif. Institute of the Arts, New Music America Festivals, Roulette, The Knitting Factory, the Institute for Contemporary Art in London, the Touch Festival in Berlin and as a soloist at the 1995 World Wide Percussion Festival in Brazil. She also teaches at Esalen, The New York Open Center, Omega Institute, Oasis, Interface, Rowe Conference Center and other transformational centers. In 1990, Redmond created the Mob of Angels, a drumming ensemble whose compositions draw on the musical inspiration of the ancient Mediterranean cultures. Interworld Music has released her recording Since the Beginning and an instructional video, Ritual Drumming. She is designing drums for Crafton Percussion Works and Remo, Inc.

Quotes about Layne:

"Layne Redmond, the leader of the Mob of Angels, is a superb percussionist. On Friday evening, she drew an astonishing variety of well-focused sounds from a tambourine, two frame drums and an African finger piano." "…the committed performers (The Mob of Angels) conveyed a refreshing energy, and the musical presentation was admirably honed."
~The New York Times, June 9, 1991, James R. Oestreich

"Her compositions, and their arrangements, are pure genius; not to be missed! Highly recommended!"
~Fall 1993, Ladyslipper

"Layne Redmond can still hear the faint feminine rhythms of the ancient Mediterranean world – a time filled with women frame drummers celebrating their goddesses. In this age of unhealthy arrhythmia and dis-empowerment, she brings the pulse back to the people through her work as a teacher, composer and performer. The frame drum is reincarnated as an instrument of power in Redmond’s hands thanks to her deft technique, ear for nuance and passion." ~David N. Blank-Edelman, Rhythm Music Magazine.

"Glen Velez, Steve Gorn and Layne Redmond are a close as anyone’s come to the universal crossover group. Their pretty timbres and pure tuning attract the naïve ear. Jazz fans and raga buffs alike enjoy following the variations they spin around their rhythmic patterns, which are complex enough to intrigue experimentalists. Their improvs are cleanly sculpted and motivically intricate enough to satisfy an lover of Brahms. Their rhythms are classic, their melodies romantic, their technique astounding. They probably don’t make enough noise to please industrial band devotees; aside from that, they may be New York’s most perfect musicians."
~Village Voice, Oct. 23, 1989 Kyle Gann

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