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Bobby Rock : drums
Bobby Rock

A modern day renaissance man, Bobby Rock is an internationally-renowned performer and music educator, a writer/author with several books to his credit, a producer, a health and fitness specialist/consultant, and the CEO/Founder of both Paranormal Records and Zen Man Publishing.

After studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston with Ed Kaspik and Lenny Nelson, Bobby recorded and toured with a number of funk, fusion and rock bands, and worked on a variety of movie soundtracks, jingles and record dates.

In 1985, after a brief association with legendary 70's rockers Rare Earth, he began a three year, two album stint with ex-KISS guitarist's Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Their first album became the fastest-selling debut in the history of Chrysalis records, and their controversial "Boyz Are Gonna Rock" video and extensive tours with Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper had a 22-year old Rock busy playing arenas and all over the international press and MTV.

After the VVI experience, Bobby's increased notoriety as an educator and continued pursuit of the art form led to the release of his 1989 video/book package, Metalmorphosis. This video is still recognized as one of the most cutting-edge available almost a decade later. 1989 also marked the beginning of Bobby's longtime affiliation with Geffen recording artists, Nelson, perhaps Bobby's most commercially successful project to date. Their 1990 multi-platinum debut, After The Rain, yielded four Billboard Top Ten hits and high-rotation videos, a sold-out world tour (1991-92), and numerous television appearances. In a retrospective interview, Bobby would describe his experience with Nelson as "a cultural phenomenon. We had kids roaming the hotel floors at night and following the bus around by day - it was a trip!"

In 1993, Bobby moved full-time into his solo artist/educator pursuits and began a series of grueling tours which have become somewhat legendary in the industry. In a motor home, with a two-man crew and a customized trailer, Bobby and company have zig-zagged around North America numerous times, racking up tens of thousands of miles doing drumming exhibitions at conservatories, music stores, schools, theaters, "and every place in between," says Peavey drum product manager, Steven Volpp. "He has revolutionized an industry and, with over 700 educational events under his belt, Bobby is far and away the most active clinician in the business."

Since 1995 alone, Bobby and his crew have traveled well over 200,000 miles throughout the U.S. and Canada, making over 400 solo exhibition and trade show appearances with his monstrous drum kits. All of Rock's efforts on the educational front were duly noted when he won the coveted "Best Clinician/Educator" category in Drum Magazine's Annual Readers Poll for '98.

In 1996, after two critically-acclaimed recordings with the instrumental rock guitar duo, Garsed and Helmerich, an innovative book/audio package entitled The Encyclopedia of Groove (Warner Brothers) and his limited-release EP, a five song compilation of some vocal tunes and his trademark instrumentals, Bobby released his long-awaited solo debut, Out Of Body. Independent Music Review called it "an astonishing representation of his signature, instrumental funk-rock sound, showcasing Bobby's fiery chops and innovative drumming concepts." The CD features longtime band mates and co-writers, Australian guitar phenomenon Brett Garsed and New York-based session/road monster Carl "The Fox" Carter on bass.

The majority of '97 found Rock touring around North America in yet another installment of Peavey's Rock Across America road show where he led an all-star band featuring Neil Zaza on guitar and Bill "The Buddha" Dickens on bass. The trio also headlined club shows as Bobby Rock and Neil Zaza and released a rip-roaring, double-live CD entitled, Snap, Crackle and Pop...Live! in '98. The trio returned to the road in '99 for another successful tour of the continent.

'99 also found Bobby hooking up with guitar great, Gary Hoey, for an extensive tour in support of his Money record. Back in the familiar "power trio" format, Bobby and the band have toured well into 2000, playing to sold-out clubs and theaters around the continent.

A respected health specialist, vegan (one who follows a strict vegetarian diet and avoids any animal-based clothing or consumer goods) and advocate of drug-free living with over 23 years of sobriety, Bobby is dedicated to his healthy lifestyle and daily regimen of bodybuilding and meditation. He has a number of published articles on the subject of health and wellness, and has a soon-to-be-released book on the subject.

Bobby's writing prowess is further celebrated with his latest title, Hypothetical Erotica, which is a collection of erotic-tinged dilemmas designed to elicit provocative conversation. This innovative, hardcover coffee table book includes a spoken word CD, narrated and produced by Bobby, and is starting to enjoy a mainstream audience. Bobby is now diversifying with more book signings and spoken word performances and will be debuting an interactive, "Multimedia Theater Extravaganza" based on the book in early 2001.

Additionally, Bobby continues to produce, having recently racked up production credits on the LA-based Watson's Psychics Are Standing By, the ultra-intense self-titled EP from Orange County heavyweights, Sicktrip, and the debut release of that hard rockin' new band from Texas, Seventh Rize. He also produced two stunning Bill "The Buddha" Dickens instructional videos for Warner Brothers.