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Design & Maintenance

Please note that I do not work with pre-designed templates. The design, colors, etc of the above sites were chosen by the client. I will offer suggestions ... but, in the end, it's the clients' site and reflects their wants and needs.

Since I have been doing website design / maintenance for many years, I am able to work quickly and efficiently. Most updates are done within 1-3 days of my receiving the info. I prefer not to work with complex animation, databases or complex shopping carts, although I do have colleagues that I can outsource to. Small shopping carts, paypal, on-line forms, etc are fine. Photo slide shows, sound clips, video clips and flash are no problem.

I work out of Hollywood, CA ... my clients are all over the world.


I need to to speak with you via phone or email before I can give you a price. I charge by the page / project, rather than by the hour. (I tend to work very fast, so hourly rate is tough to work with. I prefer to just get the job done and up, rather than, as many designers do, hiding the finished project from the customer for a few days to try to justify enough hours to make it worthwhile.)

Website design prices average around $50 - $100/page.

Maintenance can be set up either per update or on a regular monthly basis.

Hosting & Domain Name costs are additional. You are free to choose your own host, or you can host your site with me for $25/mo.

Search Engine | Google Adwords | Marketing

I will work with you to make your site "search-engine friendly" with keywords, descriptions, page titles, photo alternative texts, etc. Although I cannot "do" your marketing for you ... I will help guide your marketing efforts to the best of my ability.

In Context Editing

Your site can easily be set up so that you can do simple updates directly to your site. See the Adobe website for more info.


Computer : Apple MacBook Pro laptop with the most current operating system, OS 10.5.6

External Hard Drives : Firelite 120gb travel drive | WD 500gb drive

Software : Adobe CS4 including Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, After Effects, Flash, Premier, Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, Soundbooth, Encore DVD software (haven't done much with this one ...), and GoLive. Other programs include : Quicktime Pro, Sound Studio, Pages (Mac version of Word), Numbers (Mac version of Excel), etc
All software is legal ... I don't use bootleg programs.

Ready for your own website? Time to give your current site a facelift?

email : pam@drumsontheweb.com
phone : 310.927.2593 (after 12noon pst)